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Super Capacitor Batteries

SIRIUS Supercapacitor Energy Storage Module

ENA introduces remarkable & innovative American Kilowatts Labs’ SIRIUS Energy Storage Module. The World’s first Super-capacitor based energy storage system. This modular and scalable system provides a technically and commercially viable, plug-and-play replacement for chemical batteries ideally suited for Telecom, Solar, UPS and Micro-Grid Applications.
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Salient features

Comparison between existing VRLA solution & ENA proposed Supercapacitor solution

Existing Solution ENA Proposed Solution
4 X 200 AH Batteries
1 X 3.55kWh Module
800 Cycles @ 50% DoD
1 Million Cycles @ 100% DoD
8 Hours Charging
1 Hours Charging
Warranty 1 Year – Usable Life 2~3 years
Warranty 5 Years – Usable Life 45 years
1 times Backup Support Against Power Failures in a day
4 times Back up Support Against Power Failures in a day

Batteries Technologies Camparision

FeaturesSirius Energy Storage
Sirius Advantage
Battery Life Cycles100% DoD1 million cycles2000350Unmatched Cycles life
80% DoD4000550
50% DoD6000800
Round-Trip Efficiency99%90%75%Highest energy delivery capability
Usable Capacity100%
(constant over life)
100% - 70%
(degrades over life)
100% - 60%
(degrades over life)
Nameplate capacity and usable capacity is same
Operating Temperature-30°C to +85°C
(no derating)
-30°C to +60°C
(capacity derating)
-20°C to +60°C
(capacity derating)
Usable without capacity degradation
Charge/Discharge Currents1.3C to 2C0.3C to 0.5C0.08C to 0.2CEnables fast charging & discharging
Monitoring & ControlMonitoring &
Configuration Software
Monitoring OnlyNot AvailableMonitoring & configuration of parameters
Storage DurationUnlimitedLimitedLimitedStorage at any SOC with no affect on cycle life
Thermal StabilityNon-flammable, StableFlammable, High RiskMedium to High RiskNo additional costs of specific cooling