A little bit about ENA

Redefining Power & Connectivity

IoT and Data center has paved the way for multifunctional devices making our lives faster and easier. Interference in the efficiency of our devices due to power issues can slow down the speed of our lives. In this world of competition, no one wants to hang back even for a second. For every problem there is an answer!
This is where we display our expertise, providing the right solution and answer to all your problems. ENA comprises of an enthusiastic group of individuals, motivated to become a successful Brand that pops up to the mind when it comes to IoT and power solutions.



ENARGEZE SUPERPOWER Supercapacitor Based Module
ENA introduces remarkable & innovative ENARGEZE SUPERPOWER Supercapacitor Based Module. Pakistan's first Super-capacitor based energy storage system.
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APC Micro Data Centre
Micro data centres help IT professionals install and manage edge networking and computing simply, reliably, and predictably
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Smartic AC Controller Device
Smartic AC Modules make any air conditioner smart. it helps you save energy through its super intelligent features. Comfy mode, weekly schedules, temperature range control & location controls help you lower your bills while ensuring your comfort.
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Solar Solutions
ENA offers a complete solar power solution that supports an industry to save high cost of Electricity and utilize them in the expansion of business, eventually more profitability.
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What makes us stand out!