SMARTIC AC Management

With ENA’s SMARTIC AC Management System, take complete control of your Air Conditioners (having an IR remote control) from temperature regulation to turning it on & off while keeping a check on humidity & room temperature, from anywhere.
Save More With SMARTIC AC Control

Salient Features.

Strategy and Planning

Energy Efficient Solution

Data Analysis for Better Energy Consumption

Seamless Integration with Existing Infrastructure

Remote Monitoring & Control of any brand of AC


Remote Diagnostic & Pro-active Maintenance Capability

User Friendly

A Comprehensively Compliant & Sustainable Solution to Reduce Carbon print

A Completely Secure & Distinct Network nobody can breach

Highly Cost Effective due to its unique features

Hassle free Support & Maintenance


Weekly Scheduling

Powerful scheduling functionality to schedule your ACs

Location Based control

Triggers pre-defined AC actions based on your mobile’s location,

Save more on electricity bills

Can save up to 25% of energy, lowering electricity bills

Usage statistics

Provide with complete usage audit to achieve your energy saving goals


Lowering Energy Consumption contributes more towards a sustainable product.