A little bit about ENA

IoT and Data center has paved the way for multifunctional devices making our lives faster and easier. Interference in the efficiency of our devices due to power issues can slow down the speed of our lives. In this world of competition, no one wants to hang back even for a second. For every problem there is an answer! This is where we display our expertise, providing the right solution and answer to all your problems. ENA comprises of an enthusiastic group of individuals, motivated to become a successful Brand that pops up to the mind when it comes to IoT and power solutions. What makes us stand out is our dedication, the remarkable people who joined us to make our team more powerful in terms of the work we display and our adaptability to the ever changing world and industrial demand. This calls for innovation, excellence displayed in the work and credibility. Our focus has always been to work in collaboration such that we can help industries deal with day to day problems, providing simple solutions, therefore providing them stress free and hassle free environment to maximize their productivity and help them work at their full potential, while we back them up, for National interest. ENA Pakistan is therefore your ultimate mainstay to power and automation snags you face during acceleration to success. Not only this, ENA is equipped to steer its clients clear off the imminent pickles. We keep you running smooth when the main power is unavailable for your devices while our IoT devices aid in inventing a smarter tomorrow. ENA helps you leap towards empowerment through connectivity and smart devices, paving your way to success.


To be recognized as the most credible Brand of Technology based Solution & Service provider in the corporate world.


ENA Pakistan’s mission is to provide solutions not just to sell boxes by setting new standards; foreseeing the market trends, being continuously creative, enhancing productivity and cost optimization by our impeccable Power Management and IoT solutions.


In 2016, ENA Pakistan came up as SME in the world of power solutions and backup. We started off as a company aiming to provide solutions to the problems caused by frequent power outage and interruption. Living in a country where people usually are not able to work up to their full potential due to the day to day problems arising in the industries, our aim was to enhance productivity and aid in the progress of various companies. Stepping into the business, the urge for innovation, to provide flawless solutions to our customers and achieve excellence, we worked more into IoT devices and IoT based solutions, which are a mandatory part of not only every industry but individual lives also. Within a very short time, we were able to attract customer attention and trust by our dedicated teamwork. Hence, Vigorously, ENA headway to the heart of its customers by their conscientious solutions and ascended to Energy and Automation Pakistan Pvt. Ltd (ENA Pakistan Pvt. Ltd). The ingenuity of the ENA Pakistan was perceived by JBS (one of the best IT solution providers), fostering it to ENA Pakistan – a Company of JBS which is a matter of great privilege. The journey has just started though and we believe we can show the world that a group of dedicated, tech savvy innovative people can revolutionize the world of IoT and power solutions by their impeccable services and broad vision.


Our expertise include: