ENA & Grandiose Restaurant

Grandiose Contributes to Cleaner Environment by Reducing Carbon Emissions of up to 54MT Annually with the Help of Solar Power Solution Provided by ENA


Grandiose restaurant- a large restaurant serving customers in Sialkot was concerned about ever increasing prices of electricity, power outages and their expenses.

The restaurant consulted with ENA to assess their specific needs, feasibility, and potential return on investment for adopting alternative energy sources. ENA proposed solar energy solution that can help offset electricity consumption and reduce the carbon footprint.


  • To alleviate electricity expenditure
  • To have positive impact on restaurant’s bottom line
  • To minimize the risk of refrigeration spoilage
  • To have a clean source of energy to reduce their carbon footprint


Energy & Automation (ENA), which is a company of Jaffer Business Systems, proposed Solar Power Solution to Grandiose Restaurant and implemented 50KW solar on grid system.

The restaurant uses intensive energy and the ever-increasing electricity tariffs affects its bottom line significantly.

By deploying 50KW solar on-grid system, Grandiose is generating significant amount of energy, enabling it to save on its operating expenses, have a clean renewable source of energy, contributing to the sustainable environment and having a positive impact on its profitability.


Solar reduces overhead costs from Day 1

Long-term sustainability benefits

Tax benefits and incentives available for commercial solar projects

Solar is an investment that provides continuous financial and environmental returns

Impact on Business & Environment

Savings on Electricity Bills

By opting for solar power solution, Grandiose restaurant reliance on traditional grid-supplied electricity has reduced resulting in lower electricity expenses. The energy generated by the solar can help offset or even eliminate the restaurant’s electricity expenditures, leading to significant cost savings in the long run.

Helps in increasing restaurants’ bottom line

With ever increasing electricity combined with food wastage, maintenance costs and overhead expenses- a lot of restaurant’s profit is eaten up.
Restaurants are intense in energy use as there is cooking, washing, refrigeration, cooling, heating, lighting, and appliances that all need electricity to operate. Also due to frequent power outages, the restaurant must run on generators that again increases the expense and affects the bottom line.

By harnessing solar power to meet the restaurant's energy needs, Grandiose significantly reduces its reliance on traditional electricity leading to cost savings on electricity bills that contribute to the restaurant's profitability by reducing one of its major expenses.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

The Grandiose, along with having optimum solution for its business, also wanted to have a solution that contributes to creating greener and cleaner environment.

By having solar power system, the restaurant can save up to 54MT in carbon emissions annually.

This saving is enough to plant around 950 plus trees.

Positive Brand Image

Incorporating solar power into the restaurant's operations enhances its brand image. Consumers value businesses that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Grandiose’s commitment to solar energy showcases its dedication to energy efficiency and reducing its environmental impact. This positive brand association can attract customers who align with these values, potentially leading to increased patronage and customer loyalty.