Private Sector Hospital

Private Sector Hospital helps to reduce carbon footprint by 23,000MT plus annually


Given the massive use of electricity at the hospital to run life support systems, medical equipment and building’s heating, cooling and lighting systems, The hospital needed cost effective and reliable source of power that could provide both short term and long-term savings and contribute to the greener environment.
The solar power solution by ENA met its objective of sustainability and cost efficiency.


  • High Electricity Expense
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Carbon Emissions


Solar Energy

Key Benefits

●   Reduction in electricity bills

●   Cost savings

●   Lower carbon footprint by 23,534 MT

●   Helps to plant 600 plus trees

●   Improves air quality

●   Environmental sustainability

About The Hospital

The Hospital was established in 1988 as a not-for-profit project, to serve the underprivileged people and communities. The Hospital's facilities are in line with the medical standards offering various specialties.

How these challenges are solved with Solar Energy

Savings in electricity expense

The cost of electricity bills of hospitals is massive and by installing solar panels, healthcare facilities can generate their own electricity. The hospital wanted to reduce their dependence on the grid for reduction in electricity bills and cost savings. It has begun to save on the cost that is now allocated to improve patient care and hospital facilities.

Reducing carbon emissions by 23,524 MT annually

Solar power generation produces no harmful emissions or pollutants unlike fossil fuels, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment. Also, the omission of greenhouse gases is reduced, resulting in lower carbon footprint, contributing to environmental sustainability. With this solution, The Hospital can now reduce carbon emissions by 23,524 MT annually which helps to plant 600 trees in a year.

Long term sustainability benefits

Better air quality leads to improvement in public health benefiting the community at large and promoting overall well-being and quality of life.